MilivojPEDIATRICIAN Milivoj Jovančević

prim. pediatrician

While choosing footwear for children, you should have in mind few facts. First of all, footwear has to be comfort with soft insoles that won’t hamshackle feet movements. Further, children’s foot is sweating significantly more, so it is important that footwear is “breathing”, that doesn’t derive sweating and that is possible to maintain hygiene well – especially inner part.

In practice, it turned out that washing footwear in the washing machine is the best and the safest way of maintaining foot hygiene. As children are very active, their footwear has to be resistant to deformations and mechanical damages. Perhaps, the best feature is that shoes and slippers are made from natural materials with guaranteed harmlessness and absence of harmful chemical compounds that are commonly used in the material processing, dyeing and manufacturing footwear.

It is equally important that they do not possess elements that could pose a threat (lubricity, falling off certain decorative parts). Guarantee in the form of having an European quality certificate that footwear is categorized as a medical device, represents an extremely important element in protecting children’s health and their free development and growth. Dr. Luigi footwear meets all the listed requirements and from the standpoint of health, they represent superb product and optimal selection in the healthcare for children.



ORTHOPAEDIST Antun Martičević orthopaedist

Based on the practical testing of your products, we can inform you that we are very pleased with the results. Namely, we established that pain is alleviated in our patients who are using Dr. Luigi footwear.

Analyzing the main reasons that caused pain relief, we deem it contained the following facts: sole and vamp flexibility, lightweightness and special anatomic design that is form by the body weight of the user.

This last characteristic we deem very important because this footwear can be suggested as a medical device for people who are experiencing pain while walking or standing.




spec. general and vascular surgeon

On your request we’ve conducted proper tests of your product – medical footwear Dr. Luigi. Our research is conducted on the base of everyday use of Your products through a long period of time. On the base of conducted process that was conducted by our employees and patients which had certain problems with their feet and lower leg, we have concluded following:

  • It helps in care of chronic vascular diseases with intensive static load (long standing).
  • Footwear is light and flexible, thereby suitable for people who have chronic problems while walking and for medical staff that are statically loaded.
  • Shoe sole is formed by the shape of the user’s feet, thereby pain that are having patients with certain vascular diseases is alleviated while walking and standing.
  • It is stated by the majority of the patients that while wearing Dr. Luigi footwear they experienced pain relief and the same footwear tend to be a MEDICAL DEVICE

On the base of conducted practical testing, I conclude that this footwear can be recommended to certain patients as MEDICAL DEVICE and especially because this footwear is declared as antiseptic and antibacterial and it is made entirely from natural materials.



Dinko Kaliterna,

spec. dermatologist

Medical footwear Dr. Luigi is great progress especially for people with diabetes and at tendency of circulatory disorders where the biggest problem is high skin sensitivity. For this people, even the slightest touch makes damage to the skin which is healing very slowly. Dr. Luigi footwear is very gentle and suitable for most sensitive skin. Until now, there wasn’t any similar footwear on the market. Also, I suggest it for people who are having excessive feet sweating and tendency to fungal infections because it is extremely breathable. I personally wear Dr. Luigi shoes all day and I can say that they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn so far. They are extremely soft and lightweighted and most importantly comfortable, for me that is important because I work all day long.

I would recommended it to all colleagues who particularly stand long on their feet because wearing Dr. Luigi medical footwear feet are less swelling.


spec. endocrinologist and diabetologist

On your request I have conducted practical testing of your products – medical footwear Dr. Luigi. The footwear that has been tested was for patients with diabetes and for medical staff. Patients with diabetes have high risk to develop diabetic foot which is why it is extremely important to wear adequate footwear that is comfortable, flexible, without rough seams and folds in which foot sweating is decreased and it is made of natural materials.

It is also important for medical staff that the shoes are breathable, lightweighted, flexible, comfortable, made from natural materials, aesthetically acceptable and that do not induce feet sweating and sliding on the surface. Your footwear meets all these criteria. Guarantees in the form of an European quality certificates make the special value.

silvio-basicNEUROLOGIST Silvio Bašić

On your request, we have tested Dr. Luigi footwear and we can inform you with pleasure about the positive effects of wearing these shoes. Wearing Dr. Luigi footwear for longer period of time, contributes to reducing back pain and feet pain, especially in people whose life’s obligations require prolonged standing or walking.

Given the characteristics of these shoes, mainly anatomical shaping, flexibility, softness, comfort and lightweight, it is especially suitable for patients with impaired mobility caused by chronic vertebrogenic problems, stroke, diabetes, vascular disorders, injuries of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and can be recommended as a medical device.