Our distribution system

The company has developed it's own distribution system. Through our own strategically located customs warehouses we distribute directly to over 60 000 active partners.


Kids International Club

Having the European certificate of quality for shoes as a medical product is an important element in protecting the health of children and their healthy development. Dr. Luigi footwear meets all conditions, and from the point of view of health are a top quality product and an optimal choice in health care for children.

Dr.Luigi is a longtime medical footwear manufacturer which based it's production on the family tradition of crafts, which lasts more than 100 years. The present manufacturing methods have their roots in this tradition, which has been ongoing since 1912. Today Dr.Luigi company, which seeks to retain this approach in production is one of the best known and most respected manufacturers of medical shoes. That fact has also been recognized by satisfied users of Dr.Luigi products in 56 countries across Europe..
In current production we use cutting-edge technical and technological solutions, which has resulted in growing demand from private persons. Our products, besides from being used as a medical device by people with certain problems or diseases, also serve as a prevention for the most common foot disorders known to medicine. For that reason the company’s products, as well as management have been certified with MDD (products) and ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (management). Except for the mentioned certificates, which are valid for the EU area, we are also proud owners of special certificates for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We own a number of patents concerning the development of footwear production, which has been acknowledged by the Republic of Croatia’s Ministry of Science.

Dr.Luigi medical footwear meets the following standards and certificates

  • Certificate 93/42 CEE: coordinated with European Directive on medical devices
  • Certificate ISO 9001:2001: International standard on quality management system
  • Standard ISO 13485:2003: coordinated with client's needs and with the applicable regulations
  • Standard CE EN ISO 20347:04: coordinated with basic and additional requirements for occupational footwear
  • European Directive 89/686/CEE: coordinated with essential safety requirements in the form of preserving health and safety at work (natural material that doesn't harm human health)
  • Certificates EN ISO 14184-I, EN 14632-I, EN ISO 3071, ISO 17694, EN 13512, EN ISO 17700, ISO 17696, EN 13522, EN ISO 17707, ISO 20871, EN 12770: coordinated with significant and additional needs for children
Wearing Dr.Luigi products alleviates biomechanical and medical issues, improves blood circulation and has calming effects on physical and psychical state of the user. Most Eminent orthopaedics experts gave their positive opinion on Dr.Luigi products for persons who are having problems with following: Joints, bones and spine, Circulation and varicose veins, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Obesity.